Big Fresh Box (subscription)



A monthly subscription of a large box of fresh ChalkStream®️ trout plus a bonus product.  Contains sixteen 130g fillet steaks (8 twin packs) a lemon and 1 pack of either cold smoked trout, hot smoked trout or a paté*.  Perfect for a large family and those who eat fish more than once a week.  Suitable for home freezing**.  

Subscriptions are charged monthly for a minimum of 2 months.  The first box will be charged when you place the order and sent out within 5 working days.  Boxes will be shipped monthly thereafter.  For more information including freezing instructions please see our FAQs.

If you would like to add a product to come monthly with your subscription box please email the office once you have placed your subscription order and we can arrange it. 

Please note: discount codes cannot be used with subscription products unless specifically highlighted.

*The bonus product is at our discretion - unfortunately we cannot accept requests for specific products.

**All products suitable for home freezing except patés.

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