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At Chalk Stream Foods, we source, prepare and deliver the finest, freshest rainbow trout from farms on the River Itchen and the River Test directly to restaurants across the UK. These world famous spring-fed chalk streams with gin clear water, constant water flows and excellent light and vegetation create havens for our fish, making them rich and lean with a distinctive, sensational taste. They’re perfect for chefs and restaurant owners who are looking for fresh, delicious fish from a local, reliable and friendly supplier.

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Chalkstream® Customers

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Fresh ChalkStream® Trout

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From Water to Waiter in the blink of an ‘i’

We supply fresh ChalkStream® trout to select wholesalers throughout the UK. The fish are slow grown to around 3kg and harvested to order to ensure the freshest possible delivery to customers - our trout will still be swimming when orders are placed.

ChalkStream® is recognised by the Sustainable Restaurant Association as one of the most sustainable fish options. Grown to RSCPA Assured (Freedom Foods), Global G.A.P. and Quality Trout UK certified standards, for more information please see our sustainability page.

If you would like to place an order speak to your local wholesaler or contact ChalkStream®

Email Sales Tel: 01794 330000

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Make sure it’s ChalkStream®

In line with our sustainability policy to minimise single use plastic, we don’t use gill tags.

ChalkStream® trout are grown to a 3kg average. Sizes can vary between 2.5-3.5kg and sometimes larger.

If you receive a trout that is smaller than 2.4kg it might not be ChalkStream®

If you receive a trout that is smaller than 2kg it is definitely not a ChalkStream® Trout

ChalkStream® Trout are well defined, lean and high quality.

If you think you may have received a fish that is not ChalkStream® please contact the office or email Arthur

Smoked ChalkStream® Trout


ChalkStream® is proud to have partnered with Severn & Wye Smokery to bring a range of outstanding ChalkStream® hot and cold smoked products.

Smoked to perfection using the traditional kiln method with oak chippings, we have large cold sides in a range of sliced options and large hot sides all available wholesale to the catering industry.

Speak to your local wholesaler or contact ChalkStream®


Visit ChalkStream®

If you are a chef, wholesaler or are involved in the catering industry and would like to arrange a farm visit, we would be delighted to welcome you to Hampshire to show you what we do.

To arrange a visit contact Arthur Email Arthur


ChalkStream® Customers



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