Hot Smoked Trout, Creamy “Per Lâs” Poached Eggs and Spinach

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Deliciously creamy, cheesy egg dish, perfect for sinking thick slices of hot smoked trout into.  You almost don’t need cutlery… just lots of fresh bread for scooping and dipping! Created by Sian @recipebreakout

Serves 2


A little milk

200g Per Lâs (blue) cheese

4 Eggs

200g of Hot smoked trout

A bunch of Spinach


Made on the hob in a metal bowl, this is just a little milk with chunks of Per Lâs (blue) cheese and baby spinach, slowly melted into a cheesy sauce and then the eggs dropped in and cooked (lid on) before adding in the trout, a little grating of Parmesan and a pinch of my favourite salt and pepper mix to finish off! Very simple and soooooo tasty



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