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“Not only do I love trout fishing on the Test but the added bonus is that I am able to buy delicious good sized ChalkStream® trout in quantity for our menus across the restaurants. It’s wonderful.”
Mark Hix
“Whether you’re in London needing a taste of the countryside, or eating native in the fields, one cannot feel well, nor love well, or sleep well without amazing food! and ChalkStream® trout is one of the very best ingredients you can get! Life is too short not to…..”  

Oliver Gladwin


ChalkStream® is a wonderful local supplier, their trout is sublime and the quality is amazing"
Luke Matthews

Fresh ChalkStream®️ Trout

We supply fresh ChalkStream® trout to select wholesalers throughout the UK. The fish are slow grown to 3kg average and harvested to order to ensure the freshest possible delivery to customers - our trout will still be swimming when orders are placed.  To see our sales sheet CLICK HERE

ChalkStream® is recognised by the Sustainable Restaurant Association as one of the most sustainable fish options. We offer RSCPA Assured, Global G.A.P. and Quality Trout UK certified fish.  For more information on sustainability, welfare and feed CLICK HERE 


ChalkStream®️ Ikejime

We also offer ikejime trout prefect for sushi and dry ageing - please get in touch with Arthur for more information email here.

Make sure it's ChalkStream®️ - Always ask for the gill tags

All ChalkStream® trout come with gill tags to assure customers they are receiving our unique quality product.  Please ask your wholesaler for the tags from all ChalkStream® fish whether you order it whole, gutted, filleted or portioned.  If you have concerns that you may not be receiving genuine ChalkStream® trout contact the office. 

If you would like to place an order speak to your local wholesaler or contact us directly.  To email sales CLICK HERE      Tel: 01794 330000




ChalkStream® is proud to have partnered with Severn and Wye Smokery to bring a range of outstanding ChalkStream® hot and cold smoked products.

Smoked to perfection using the traditional kiln method with oak chippings, we have large cold sides in a range of sliced options and large hot sides all available wholesale to the catering industry.

Speak to your local wholesaler or contact ChalkStream®️