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Article: Sticky Aubergine & Trout Stir Fry

Sticky Aubergine & Trout Stir Fry

Sticky Aubergine & Trout Stir Fry

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An easy midweek supper packed with goodness and a whole lot of flavour.


120g trout fillet

1/3 aubergine cut into chunks

75g sliced mushroom (1 cup roughly)

60g noodles

Spring onions

Fresh red chillies (or chilli flakes)

Sesame seeds

Soy sauce 

Olive oil

Sesame oil 

Maple Syrup (optional)



Begin by putting your aubergine chunks onto a baking tray, pour a splash of water into the tray and drizzle over some olive oil.

Roast at 200c - keep giving the tray a shake to ensure they're all cooked through and have softened/sweetened. Take out once they're beginning to brown.

Then put your shitake mushrooms into a pan with soy sauce & a good glug of maple syrup (optional). Pan fry until the mushrooms have softened and your sauce is beginning to caramelise.

Add your quarter cabbage sliced up to the mushrooms, along with your roasted aubergine. At this point play around with adding more soy, maple syrup - you could also add some sesame oil and chilli paste depending on your personal preference.

Continue cooking until your sauce has thickened again and your veggie have soaked up all the flavour and then set aside. 

Grab a pan and fill with boiling water, season well with a large pinch of salt then put on the stove to boil - once it's bubbling away, add your noodles and cook for approx five minutes until they're all soft. Drain the water then set aside.

Using another pan, drizzle in some sesame oil/olive oil and put on the stove to get really hot (If you're wanting to keep this recipe on the cleaner side, you can actually just fry your trout in it's natural fats) - place your trout in the pan and keep turning it to get a nice crispy finish and keep cooking until it's lightened in colour all the way through.

Plate up with your noodles, veggies and trout then garnish with whatever yummy additions you've got lying around the kitchen. I added fresh chillies and spring onions sliced, then some toasted sesame seeds.