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Chalkstream Trout from Forager's Kitchen on Vimeo.

The finest taste from the purest water

The finest English rainbow trout slow grown on the world famous Test and Itchen Rivers of Hampshire

The trout supplied to ChalkStream® are slow grown in gin-clear chalk stream water to produce the cleanest taste and leanest flesh.

It takes 2 years to grow our fish to the 3kg average we produce and with over 2 tonnes of water per second entering the farms, the fish are constantly swimming giving them fantastic tone and definition.

Quality Feed

The farms have worked with Skretting for over 30 years to develop a specially formulated micro balanced diet.

The feed we use has a lower oil content compared to salmon and sea-reared trout, to support slower growth and produce a leaner flesh, while the amount of marine caught fish in the diet has been vastly reduced to ensure ChalkStream® is a net producer of fish.

Most importantly, ChalkStream® trout are fed to appetite to prevent food wastage and ensure natural growth rates.


ChalkStream® trout are grown with an artisan approach to ensure the highest standards of husbandry and welfare. A low stress model allows the fish to convert food into growth more efficiently, reducing the amount of feed required and waste produced.

The trout are certified Global Gap and RSPCA assured.


Chalk streams are rare and unique habitats, with just over 200 in the world, 85% are in England alone.

It is critical that we look after the habitats we work in and fundamental that we return the water in the same Class A rated condition it entered the farms. All the water from the farms go through gravity filtration channels which are monitored by the Environment Agency before returning to the main rivers.

ChalkStream® has been recognised by the Sustainable Restaurant Association as one of the most sustainable fish products.

For more information please see Sustainability.

Harvested to Order

ChalkStream® only supplies select wholesalers and our fish are harvested to order to ensure the freshest possible delivery to customers.

The trout will still be swimming when orders are placed.

ChalkStream®️ Quality

All ChalkStream® trout should come with a gill tag to ensure you are receiving our unique quality product.

Please ask your wholesaler for the gill tags from all ChalkStream® fish, whether you order it whole, gutted, filleted or portioned.

If you have any concerns about the quality of your fish or you suspect it may not be ChalkStream® please contact your wholesaler

or you can contact us direct email sales CLICK HERE or call 01794 330000


We love to see where our fish go and the amazing dishes you create.

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