The Finest taste from the purest water

ChalkStream®️ grows fine English trout on the world famous Test and Itchen Rivers in Hampshire.  Slow grown for 2 years in fast flowing pure chalk stream water, our artisan-farmed trout are fit and lean with a unique, clean taste.  

ChalkStream®️ supplies a range of fresh and smoked products to top chefs, iconic events, fine fish counters and direct to your door.


Founder and serial entrepreneur, it was Hugo who recognised the uniqueness of the trout grown on our farms and just how under appreciated they were by the market.  Hugo started a trout revival with the formation of ChalkStream®️ in 2014.


Manager of our main farm at Greatbridge, Romsey for more than 35 years, no-one has more experience in growing trout.  Pete's passion is at the heart of everything we do.


Arthur has been with ChalkStream®️ from the outset and has a love of all things fish and fishing.  Overseeing all aspects of the business he is equally at home taking orders from customers, guiding chefs on the river or checking stocks on the farm.


Born and raised on the River Itchen, Nick has been involved with the ChalkStream®️ farms since the age of 7, and was instrumental in persuading Hugo to bring his energy to the world of trout.  He is a fish farm owner and works on both the production and commercial elements of the business.


A true pioneer of fish farming, Christopher has grown high quality trout on the Test and Itchen for over 40 years.  He not only designed and built the farms but developed the unique growing conditions that sets ChalkStream®️ trout apart.

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