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At Chalk Stream Foods, we source, prepare and deliver the finest, freshest rainbow trout from farms on the River Itchen and the River Test directly to restaurants across the UK. These world famous spring-fed chalk streams with gin clear water, constant water flows and excellent light and vegetation create havens for our fish, making them rich and lean with a distinctive, sensational taste. They’re perfect for chefs and restaurant owners who are looking for fresh, delicious fish from a local, reliable and friendly supplier.

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ChalkStream® Trout

ChalkStream® grow the finest large and lean fresh water rainbow trout in fast flowing pure chalk stream water, giving Chalkstream® trout a unique fresh clean taste.



The finest taste from the purest water

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Pure Athletic Trout

The quality of the fish we produce at ChalkStream® is directly related to the quality of the water and the high flow rates of the farms. Similar to terroir in wine, it is the pure chalkstream water that gives our fish a unique fresh, clean taste.

The high flow design of the farms produces an exceptionally lean, athletic fish. Slow-grown over 2 years in the same conditions as a wild trout from the Test and Itchen, ChalkStream® produce firm well-muscled large trout low in fat.

Our fish are grown to the highest standards of welfare, food safety and environmental and ecological care. For more information on the best practice certified standards we use see our sustainability page.

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Oily fish such as ChalkStream® trout are a rich source of highly digestible protein, unsaturated fat, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

“Trout is a fabulous source of many nutrients pivotal to our health. ChalkStream® trout is a particularly good source of highly digestible protein, thanks in part to the fast-flowing rivers they swim in. This protein provides all the essential building blocks we require in our everyday metabolism.”

Dr. Lucy Williamson DVM MSc AfN

Most importantly, oily fish like trout provide by far the richest source of omega 3 in our diet, critical for the development of unborn babies, the optimal growth of children and for longer-term health, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

To gain the full benefits of Omega 3 unsaturated fats they need to form part of our normal diet, indeed research has shown no beneficial effects on heart health from Omega 3 supplements.

For more information on the nutritional benefits of ChalkStream® trout:

ChalkStream® Trout Nutritional Review by Dr. Lucy Williamson DVM MSc AfN

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