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Article: Gin Cured ChalkStream Trout

Gin Cured ChalkStream Trout

Gin Cured ChalkStream Trout

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Gin Cured ChalkStream trout recipe by Andy Mackenzie, the Executive Chef for the Exclusive Chefs Academy, using The River Test Distillery Gin. 

Watch Andy's curing recipe HERE


800g - 1kg Chalk stream trout fillet scaled and pin boned

160g course sea salt

65g light brown sugar

65g castor sugar

50ml River Test Distillery Gin

Zest of a 1 lemon

½ table spoon crushed juniper berries

½ table spoon crushed black pepper corns

1 small bunch dill  

1 small bunch flat leaf parsley

1 table spoon Dijon mustard  



The curing mixture:

In a large bowl add the dry ingredients; salt, sugars, juniper berries, black pepper corns and mix, once combined stir in the lemon zest.

Finely chop the fresh dill and parsley – place half in a covered container and refrigerate – to be used later.

Add remaining half of the chopped herbs in the curing mix and stir.

Pour your River Test Distillery Gin to the curing mixture and stir using a large spoon until all ingredients are combined.

Curing the trout:

Layer 2-3 pieces of cling film (large enough to wrap around the whole trout fillet) on top of each other on your work space.

Spread half of the curing mixture in the center of the cling film to approx. the same length and size as the trout fillet and place the trout fillet on top -skin side down.

Spread the remaining half of the curing mixture over the pink flesh side of the trout fillet.

Wrap the trout tightly with the cling film and place in the fridge on a flat lipped tray – a baking tray is ideal as the curing liquid will escape.

Refrigerate for 24 hours turning the fillet over at least once or twice during that time.

After 24hours – unwrap the trout over the sink. Now run the tap very slowly and gently wash off the curing mixture as best you can, pat dry using kitchen paper.

Prepare 3 layers of cling film as before; lay the cured trout skin side down on the cling film.

Brush a thin layer of Dijon mustard over the trout flesh, take the chopped parsley & dill prepared earlier and sprinkle over. The mustard will help the herbs to stick the trout fillet without really adding any additional flavor.   

Wrap the trout fillet in the cling film making a tight parcel and place it back in the fridge on a clean flat lipped tray for a further 12 hours.  

To serve:

Slice the fillets very thinly on the diagonal using a sharp knife, and serve with lightly creamed horseradish, mini capers, beetroot slices or wedges and warm crusty sour dough bread.

Best enjoyed with a glass or two of River Test Distillery Gin and tonic with plenty of ice.