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Article: ChalkStream Trout Dumplings

ChalkStream Trout Dumplings

ChalkStream Trout Dumplings

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ChalkStream trout dumplings, made by Wulf's Fish. These trout dumplings are both impressive and delicious.


tablespoon fresh ginger, grated  

tablespoon toasted sesame oil  

tablespoon chopped scallions 

tablespoon rice wine vinegar  

Fresh ChalkStream trout 

1 cup finely chopped vegetables, like carrot, cabbage and onion — optional for a less dense filling 


Wonton wrappers  

Small bowl of water to dip your fingers in as you seal the wontons 

Ponzu sauce for dipping 



Firstly, for the filling process put the fresh trout in a food mixer and season with salt and spices to your own taste. Then, gently mix all ingredients for the filling until well combined. We recommend cooking a small amount of the mixture in a frying pan to taste for seasoning before filling and forming all the dumplings. Once they are filled you can't adjust the seasoning.  

Filling — Remember less is more, don’t overstuff the wontons or they will break apart and be harder to eat

Folding — There are many ways to fold a dumping, and you can choose any shape you like. I recommend watching some YouTube videos, like this one which shows several easy styles. 

Steaming — Place a steamer basket in a larger pot with tight fighting lid and about an inch deep of water. Make sure the steamer basket is not submerged. 

Place the dumplings into the steamer basketand don’t overcrowd them 

Turn heat to high and steam the dumplings for approximately 7 minutes  

Remove from pan and serve immediately with Ponzu dipping sauce.